SF Blue Tech

sf blue tech events and happy hour networking meetups start with fellowship and education, then deliver action for oceans, waterways and planet.

our members:

  • blue tech startups
  • ocean study students plus educators
  • blue economy biologists, scientists
  • blue carbon, mCDR, ocean acidification
  • blue AI and ML
  • water tech and ocean scientists, analysts, inventors
  • wave power, wind power over water
  • oyster, eel grass, seaweed farming
  • estuary, riverine and water stewards
  • groups working to restore ocean, coast habitats
  • sailors and members of maritime and port trades
  • blue tech angels, investors

what is

blue tech?

Blue tech is any technology, system or platform designed for application or use on, above or below the ocean surface. An advanced sector of the maritime industry, blue tech helps drive sustainable innovation and remediation within segments of the blue economy. Blue tech fuels the Blue Economy–a term which describes economic activities associated with the ocean and seas.

The SF Blue Tech organization and its members uphold various pledges of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

United Nations SDGs SF Blue Tech

what is

the value of the blue economy?


  • The Blue Economy includes economic activities associated with the ocean and seas. 
  • Globally, more than 30 million jobs contribute to this sector, London School of Economics and Political Science
  • The Blue Economy accounts for 2.5% of world gross value added, OECD
  • In 2019, $397 billion of the United States gross domestic product came from this sector, NOAA
  • 127 million people (40%) live in US coastal areas and 2.3 million jobs are ocean related, NOAA
  • The ocean economy is expected to grow to $3 trillion (USD) in 2030, OECD
  • Demand for maritime commerce is expected to double by 2025, US Coast Guard

we have three
focus areas:

1. blue tech start ups

2. h2o and ocean nature-based solutions

3. removing plastic in waterways

debris removed to date

phase I programming

  • networking events
  • blue speaker series
  • blue tech and ocean trade show
  • career and vision mentoring
  • creation of advisor network with universities, labs, companies, non-profits, foundations

phase II programming

  • above, plus:
  • access to funding, support, work space
  • job fairs
  • support to build accelerator / incubator

next sf blue tech event is Saturday, July 13, for the steering committee

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